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Pre-Closing Prep

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In this training, students will learn all pre-closing essentials. The pre-closer role will be defined. This role includes... - File opening - Sending buyer/seller information sheets - Ordering title - Requesting initial documentation, such as mortgage payoffs, HOA letters, taxes, water and other miscellaneous documents. STEPS TO ACCESS VIDEO LIBRARY 1. Make an account on our website. Use the name you would like printed on your certificate of completion. 2. You will receive an email to verify your account. 3. Purchase Training Workshop via PayPal. You may receive up to 3 emails to confirm your purchase. PAYMENT A PayPal account is NOT required for purchase. Use the "Pay by Credit or Debit" button to continue with this payment method. NOTE: If the PayPal screen is exited before purchase is completed, an automated "incomplete payment" email is distributed. This can be ignored and deleted without affecting further purchase. ABOUT VIDEO CONTENT You have lifetime access to this video content. 1. Open your documents. This zip file contains all the curriculum associated with this workshop. 2. Watch the training video. The video lasts about 1 hour. 3. Complete the end-of-course quiz. The quiz contains 13 questions, including multiple choice and true/false. You may only take the quiz ONCE. 4. Download your certificate. If you would like a different name printed on your certificate, reach out to for assistance. THIS RECORDING IS THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF REAL ESTATE CLOSING PATH. OUR CURRICULUM IS COPYRIGHTED AND MAY NOT BE SHARED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

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