Our team is dedicated to the success of our participants. Collectively, our team has over 15+ years of experience relating to real estate.  Our passion for our craft with a collective desire to deliver exceptional service has assisted in the growth of our participants and the exceptional team of professionals.

Mary Anne Harris

Owner & President

It is not only a mission, but a passion that I bring Real Estate Closing Path to life this year. Almost a decade ago, I noticed this industry would be losing great leaders, that once built it, to retirement, different paths of life, or industry exits. I began to wonder how these industry pioneers were going to be replaced? Where was the training or recruitment for the positions that would help fill the empty desks? How will the real estate industry change with technology and innovative advancements? Here we are a decade later, and I am still questioning the same issues I saw when I began in this industry over 20 years ago.


As we are working harder than ever, our industry is overflowing with business, making it a true blessing to be a part of this community. I began to think about how I could uniquely contribute to a community that has given me so many opportunities and relationships with clients and colleagues throughout the years. I began to revisit the thought of constructing a team and training program that would help shape the future of the industry. Real Estate Closing Path was a vision that became a reality through the generosity of my team, sponsors, and community. As my passion still continues to grow for this industry, I have curated a training and recruiting program that focuses on the future leaders of the real estate industry.

Connie Bartlett, Vice President, was a huge contributor in helping me put my thoughts and dreams into action. On August 2nd, 2021, we launched our first class, training talented and dedicated participants. It is my hope that this training program will fill the voided parts this industry faces daily. Join us to become a part of this mission to rebuild a solid foundation in the real estate industry we all call home.

Connie Bartlett

Vice President 

As Vice President of Operations at RECP, Connie Bartlett is responsible for the day to day operations of the company. She brings more than 20 years of experience to RECP. Her experience offers a unique blend of leadership, vision, and knowledge.

Throughout her career, Connie has held executive leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies going through organic growth and expansion. Connie has maintained high levels of quality and service in every department or team she has managed. 

Janis Gaines


Janis spent 25 years in the field of education before transitioning to an administrative role at Real Estate Closing Path. She designed curriculum for creative writing and journalism courses online. Janis has mentored students all over the world. She loves to build a positive rapport with students and celebrate their success. RECP is thrilled to have her as executive director of our training program!

Sandi Donaldson


Sandi feels blessed to be a part of such an empowering and encouraging program as Real Estate Closing Path. She brings over 35 years’ experience in Mortgage and Real Estate Settlement.

In 2009, Sandi focused to the settlement side of the industry as a Real Estate Closer. She has worked for large and small firms and has continued to learn and grow in this dynamic business. She is proficient at accuracy, communication, and troubleshooting, understanding that the ultimate goal is facilitating a smooth closing. Sandi has engaged in all aspects of the closing process and appreciates its ever-changing nature. 

Brianna Clay


Brianna brings over 7 years of real estate and title knowledge, having started off on the brokerage side of real estate transactions before moving to the settlement side of the industry in 2019 as an Escrow Officer in Michigan. She has been a closer with Positively Closed since moving to Georgia in August of 2020, mastering different closing software and conducting several client and in-office trainings, as well as instructing RECP. ​

She attributes her quick growth to the many years spent on the brokerage side which allowed her to have an in-depth look at the processes and forms associated with real estate transactions.​