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Introducing Real Estate Closing Path
A Training Path to a New Beginning

As the real estate closing industry grows, so does the need for eligible employees. It can be challenging to fill positions with professional, intelligent, and dedicated candidates. Founded by Mary Anne Harris, a leader in the industry, Real Estate Closing Path (RECP) hopes to gain local support for this valuable training program aimed at creating a new talent pool for closing firms.

Real Estate Closing Path 

Real Estate Closing Path is an intensive program that utilizes professional educators with 30+ years of experience in the real estate industry. The training program takes individuals on a journey to become pre-closers, closers, post-closers, and other positions related to the industry.

Real Estate Closing Path provides an educational path to a new career opportunity by connecting individuals with the tools and resources for bettering their lives, families, and communities. This training program focuses on professional development skills, while offering an overview of industry-specific software. Several guest speakers from the community will share their knowledge and expertise, and mentoring opportunities will be available. RECP provides an extensive training foundation, including basic legal vocabulary, document knowledge, and understanding of the closing process from beginning to end.

Challenging, Curated Curriculum  

The educators at Real Estate Closing Path have curated a challenging and informative curriculum focusing on both personal and professional growth that will prepare candidates for job placement. The RECP team is dedicated to the success of our participants. Our passion for the industry along with a collective desire to deliver exceptional service has accelerated the growth of RECP. 100% of the students from our pilot program received job offers within a week of completing the course.

Now Accepting Applications 

Real Estate Closing Path welcomes applications from individuals with a wide variety of passions, personal backgrounds, and unique perspectives. If you are a single parent, veteran, college student, or a paralegal, this training program can help you succeed in the corporate world without needing a college degree. If you are transitioning in life, whether it be for personal or professional reasons, Real Estate Closing Path is the perfect opportunity for you to begin a new professional journey.

Interested candidates may apply online at  

“We link well-trained candidates with leaders in the real estate industry,  
establishing career partnerships focused on stewardship and success.” 

Janis Gaines 

Executive Director, Real Estate Closing Path

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