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Presentation Examples

Set the Closing Table

Set the Closing Table is an interactive activity used to familiarize participants with various elements and documentation used within the closing industry. With the introduction of a plethora of new vocabulary and similarities between multiple documents, it can be daunting for new hires to grasp this information. This activity includes an in-depth discussion and definition of key terms, as well as the usage of different acronyms. Utilizing new terms in a practical application helps students to conceptualize and retain the information in pertinence to the steps needed for a successful closing.   

The purpose of this activity is to highlight the non-linear nature of the closing process. Each organization has different procedures, but the end result is ultimately the same. One of the core teachings at Real Estate Closing Path is that no individual has to know everything, but it’s incredibly helpful to know where to find the information. This activity highlights this principle in that a familiarity with the documents and where they come from will assist in being able to successfully move the file through the closing process. 

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Activity Objectives 

  • Detail closing process concepts 

  • Highlight the non-linear nature of the process 

  • Explore definitions of industry vocabulary 

  • Explain the use of industry acronyms 

  • Familiarize participants with different roles they might take 

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This presentation has been approved for CE credit from the Florida Bar, GREC, and FLDFS.

Escrow Best Practices
& Escheatment

In this training, instructed by Mary Anne Harris, the laws regarding escrow and escheatment are defined. Participants learn the best practices for managing escrow accounts and understanding escheatment. 

What this presentation covers:

Trust Accounts

- Definition and purpose of trust account 

- Rules and regulations 

Safeguarding Escrow Accounts 

- Importance of reconciling 

- Segregating duties 

- Consequences of failure to reconcile 

- Red Flags

– Internal theft 

Account Compliance 

- Three-way reconciliation 

- What does it mean? 

- How do you do it?

Positive Pay 

- Importance of utilizing positive pay 

- Fraud prevention and safeguarding accounts 

- Questions to ask the bank

–Cost, time, deadline, etc.


Internal Audit 

- Preparing for your audit 

- Understanding the importance of an audit 

- Timely reconciliation to prevent losses 


- Rules and law on escheatment in Florida 

- When to report unclaimed monies 

- Reporting procedure


This presentation has been approved for CE credit from the Florida Bar and FLDFS.



I would say to someone who is considering taking this course "GO FOR IT!" There is so much to learn, and this course is a great learning source for someone who is thinking about changing careers or for someone who is already in the industry. There is always more to learn.


The speakers were really perfect in helping us understand more about day-to-day work life. The daily agenda flowed really well, also, and kept us engaged. I also really liked the support for people new to the workforce and returning. Overall, I was really impressed with your class, and so glad I was able to attend.


This class has been amazing! The information presented and the resources I have received are going to be so very beneficial not only to me but also to our team.


Take the course and thank me later.


Sandi  was an excellent instructor. She was able to answer any questions we had pertaining to the course material, software, and gave relevant general practice tips. Her depth of knowledge in real estate closing  in general really elevates the experience.


Thank you for this program. It is exactly what I was looking for.

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