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Class Courthouse Tour

Since the primary role of the Settlement Agent in Georgia is to issue a clear title policy, it’s important to understand how that information is obtained.

The Paulding County Clerk of Superior Court allowed us to visit the deed room to observe the title search process. We were shown how most modern title information is stored and can be retrieved electronically. The room contains volumes of recorded documents that can be searched and reviewed manually by Deed Book and Page.

The title examiners that come to the courthouse are called Deed Dogs, and we met several examiners who were performing title searches. One even opened an old Deed Book and showed us a handwritten deed that was recorded in 1838 that transferred ownership of property from the state of Alabama to the state of Georgia!

Additionally, the Clerk’s office receives executed documents for recording. Some are sent electronically via eRecording, and some original documents are received by mail. We were able to watch a document be electronically stamped and added to the database, so that information can be retrieved in the future.

While the method for recording and storing legal documents has evolved, the continuity of preserving the ownership history of the properties remains.



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