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Real Estate Closing Path

The March Edit

Sponsor Benefits Include...

  • Extensive advertising across all platforms, including our website, social media, and email campaigns.

  • Priority selection of candidates to meet your staffing needs.

  • Hiring fees are waived at the higher sponsorship levels.

  • Outsourced training and recruitment services.

  • Invitation to networking and fundraising events.

  • Prestigious Sponsorship Seal.

  • Strengthening the future success of the industry.

Your Donation Provides...

$10,000 covers tuition for 10 candidates to participate in the course.

$5,000 covers living expenses for 2 candidates while training for a new professional career.

$2,500 provides industry software licensing and access for up to 10 candidates.

$1,500 provides cyber security certification for up to 10 candidates.

$1,000 provides job shadowing & mentoring for up to 10 candidates.

$500 covers 1 financial literacy workshop.

$250 provides resume building and interview readiness for up to 10 candidates.

$250 provides personal development & success workshops for up to 10 candidates.

$100 provides success & leadership materials for 5 candidates

Real Estate Closing Path is a premier training program that exists to fuel the success of the industry. Our purpose is to train high-quality individuals and match them with open positions at local law firms. During our first 6 months of operation, the program was able to place

8 graduates in new job positions with the means to provide for their children and families. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support!

Janis Gaines, Executive Director

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Thank You to All of Our Sponsors

RECP would not be possible without YOU!

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