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Shelly's Story of Success



This month, we direct the Success Story spotlight to Shelly Annan (left).

Her new employer has this to say about her:

“I am so impressed with Shelly's customer service skills. She already has agents that want to request her again. Shelly is a great addition to our company, and she has fit in so well. She is our new super star!!!”

Shelly came to Real Estate Closing Path via a recommendation from her friend and Positively Closed employee, Chelsea Cole (right). Shelly had spent many years in sales & management of her family’s printing business in California before moving to Georgia and working in retail. She was looking for a professional opportunity and was introduced to RECP.

Shelly was a deliberate student while being an attentive mom during her time in RECP. She asked questions and practiced applications with focus; her goal of creating a new beginning for herself and her family. She listened intently and actively engaged with guest speakers, absorbing information and making connections. She also invested in relationships with staff and fellow students, creating a network of colleagues for years to come.

Upon graduation, Shelly was offered a position close to home. She is responsible for pre-closing and closing transactions, as well as building a growing office. Much confidence has been placed in Shelly, and she is eager to be part of expanding her firm’s presence in the industry.

Shelly was also invited to speak at the Celebration Lunch for the May 2022 RECP graduates! Congratulations, Shelly! Shelly has this to say to someone who is thinking about taking the course:

"DO IT!! Invest in yourself! This training will give you a strong foundation to begin a new career with so many opportunities for growth. It has given me confidence to make a new start and support myself and my sons."


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